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The Pennine Moonraker, as part of the continual upgrading involved in maintaining a canal boat, has recently had new flooring fitted. The flooring used is called 'Versa-Tile' and is an environmentally friendly, recycled PVC based material. Ideally suited to many flooring requirements, versa-tile is easy to install and very hard-wearing.
John with new flooring

John Lund, demonstrating nerves of steel, prepares to board ship to lay the new flooring.

Steady John, hold that tongue just right before you start! John fitting new flooring
Laid flooring

And voila! Laid in no time at all so John's gone for a tea break.

Close up of flooring Close up of flooring
Close up shots of the versa-tile flooring clearly showing how the pieces simply slot together. For more information about this exciting, environmentally friendly, recycled flooring product that's ideal for a wide range of flooring needs, why not visit the manufacturer's website at www.versa-tile.co.uk.
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