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A historic day for The Huddersfield Narrow Canal - Saddleworth Canal Cruises' Pennine Moonraker, captained by John Lund, is the first boat to got through Wade Lock at Uppermill for the first time in over 50 years. With invited guests onboard, and several dozen onlookers watching, the short trip went without a hitch and the story EVEN featured on the front page of the Oldham Evening Chronicle. The Official Opening will be on Friday 18th May.
Reopening 1 Reopening 2
The Pennine Moonraker approaches Wade Lock. The boat enters the lock - the first for over 50 years.
Reopening 3
There was a good crowd considering the lack of publicity. The first view of the tunnel from a boat.
Pennine Moonraker exits Wade Lock. The first dog through for many years!
The onlookers wave Pennine Moonraker though. John Lund gingerly reverses back through the lock.
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